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What is a community school?

The community schools approach is based on a new mindset about achieving success for students and their families. The challenges today’s families and students face in their daily lives often become serious barriers to student success. To overcome these barriers by addressing the needs of the “whole” child demands a purposeful partnership involving the entire community, families, and the schools, in order to assure the best opportunities for all children.

A community school is both a place and a network of supportive partnerships between the school and the community. It provides a web of support that nurtures the development of children and adults. By sharing expertise and resources, schools and communities act in concert to educate the whole child--academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

The Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative (TACSI) was established through the Tulsa Metropolitan Human Services Commission (MHSC) in 2007. It is administered by the Community Service Council (CSC) and guided by a community steering committee. The TACSI Resource Center at CSC staffs a Management Team with leaders from the two participating school districts (Union and Tulsa) and other stakeholders. This structure assures focused, accountable leadership within the community and key institutions for implementing and supporting TACSI. Part of a vibrant national network, TACSI is a participant in the national Coalition for Community Schools.

TACSI currently has over 150 community partners that help build social and educational capacity within our schools. They also create opportunities for increased stability in families and in communities, as well as providing rich experiences for children. Our partners’ time and resources are essential for the continued and sustained success of TACSI.

More than nine thousand students and their families are impacted by TACSI Title I elementary schools in low income neighborhoods throughout the Tulsa area. Students, families and their neighbors are impacted by unique and innovative programs, services, and opportunities offered by their partners. This web of support provides avenues for successful students, healthy families, and engaged communities.

TACSI schools focus on seven core components:
Early care and learning
Health / health education
Mental health / social services
Youth development / out-of-school time
Family / community engagement
Neighborhood development
Lifelong learning

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