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Veterans Treatment Court

Leave no veteran behind and honor their service

The goal of the Veterans Treatment Court is to help those who served our nation recover from addictions. Tulsa Veterans Court targets veterans charged with non-violent felonies and who also struggle with drug and/or alcohol addictions, and/or mental health problems.

Tulsa's is the first Veterans Treatment Court in Oklahoma and the third in the United States. Judge Sarah Day Smith called the initial Tulsa Veterans Treatment Court docket on December 8, 2008.

Veterans Treatment Court is modeled after specialty drug courts, like the one Community Service Council helped to create in Tulsa, which have proven to be effective in handling criminal cases of substance abusers, restoring lives and preventing future arrests.

The need for a special docket for veterans was clear after 158 veterans were arrested in Tulsa County during October 2008. Rather than incarcerating people who have protected the liberties and freedoms of the United States, the Veterans Treatment Court connects veterans to resources through the Veterans Benefit Administration, Veterans Health Administration, Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, service officers representing various veterans service organizations, the Oklahoma Employment Security Commissions’ veterans employment representatives, and other community organizations.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a collaborative effort among the 14th Judicial District Tulsa County Drug/DUI Court, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office, Human Skills and Resources Supervision, Tulsa County Court Services, and many other community partners.

Tulsa Veterans Court is certified as a National Training Mentor Court.

Veterans are needed as volunteer mentors to other vets - more

2015 Graduation Dates: January 30, April 24, July 24, October 30

(Left) Tulsa Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) recently attended the second annual Veterans Treatment Court Conference in Anaheim, California. VTC graduate Russell Whitehead, pictured, center, delivered a portion of the opening ceremony for VetCon, telling his story of his experience in VTC. Also pictured, from left: Mentor Coordinator Stacy Hester, Program Director Rose Ewing, Whitehead, Case Manager Ann Murphy, Tulsa County Chief Public Defender Jack Zanerhaft, and Program Assistant Meghan Murphy.

Resources and information
. Resources for veterans: employment, education, filing disability/compensation claims, . Veterans Affairs--VA in Tulsa, OEF/OIF Services, Guards and Reservists
. Recommended information sources: military and veterans
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Rose Ewing, Program Director COURTS Programs
Meghan Murphy ... please contact Meghan to plan a visit to Veterans Treatment Court

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